COR-IPN64-H8 Medallion  64 Camera NVR with 8MP (4K) Recording Resolution
  • COR-IPN64-H8 Medallion  64 Camera NVR with 8MP (4K) Recording Resolution
  • COR-IPN64-H8 64CH 4K NVR with H.265 and 32 PoE ports
  • COR-IPN64-H8 64CH 4K NVR with H.265 and 32 PoE ports

H.265 NVR | 8MP (4K) UHD | IP Auto Detect | 32 PoE

This 64 channel Medallion Series network recorder from Cortex® is equipped with many new features for pro-grade video surveillance. The on-board 32 PoE ports are unique to the security industry and provide labor cost savings. Control network camera analytics and individual image settings from the easy to navigate graphic user interface while also accessing panoramic models. Instantly access remote network video with P2P cloud QR code scanning or port forward setup with DDNS. See specifications for technical descriptions and features.

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Item #: COR-IPN64-H8
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H.265 | 8MP (4K) | IP Auto Detect | 32 PoE NVR

The best features on this 64 Port NVR are 32 PoE ports and plenty of internal storage to grow and keep adding cameras. Designed for commercial and industrial applications, this Medallion NVR from Cortex has Live Playback and 8 SATA HDD bays each HDD up to 8TB. Its signature IP user GUI is the same across the entire line of Medallion NVRs which helps in expansion projects.The Onvif®  compatibility protocols helps this unit integrate with many brands of IP cameras.

Main Features

  • 4K 64 Channel / 32ch PoE NVR
  • Intelligent Analytics Setup
  • Quick QR Code Plug and Play
  • Multiplex Functionality
  • Cortex®  4K in and 4K out
  • E-sata port
  • Modern Intuitive GUI
  • 64 IP Channels
  • Simultaneous HDMI and VGA Output
  • NVR from Medallion Series
  • Live / Playback
  • Ethernet: RJ-45 port (100/1000M)
  • Simultaneous HDMI and VGA Output
  • Digital Zoom
  • Cortex panoramic immersive technology support for Medallion Fisheye models
  • Video Encoding
  • Remote View Setup
  • Modern Intuitive GUI
  • Panoramic Dewarping Support
  • Intelligent Analytics Setup
  • Internal HDD: 8 SATA HDDs
  • iOS and Android using CortexView app
  • PTZ Support
  • Bandwidth : Max 640Mbps
  • Inputs : 64 IP Channels / 32 PoE
  • IP Auto Detect : Cortex® Medallion Plug & Play
  • Compression : H.265 High Efficiency and H.264
  • Multiplex Function : Simultaneous Live, Record, Remote Stream, Smart Phone Link
  • Display Split: 1/4/6/8/9/10/13/14/16/17/19/22/25/32/36
  • Recording Resolution: 8MP (4K), 5MP, 3MP ,2MP (1080P),1.3MP (960P),1.0MP (720P)
  • Live/Playback performance:
    • 4K: 4ch / 4MP: 8ch / 2MP: 16ch reatime
  • RS485: Yes
  • e-Sata: Yes
  • Line In: Yes
  • Internal HDD: 8 SATA HDDs, each HDD up to 8TB
  • Frame Rate: Full frame rate recording
  • Multi-channel Screen Display: Multi-split interchangeable and custom
  • Output Interfaces : 1 HDMI , 1 VGA Simultaneous (up to 4K 2160p)
  • Display Resolution: 1024x768, 1280x720, 1280x1024, 1440x900, 1920x1080 , 2560x1440, 3840x2160
  • Display Split: 1/4/6/8/9/10/13/14/16/17/19/22/25/32/36
  • Digital Zoom : Yes, mouse wheel scroll zoom
  • Analytics Support : Yes, depends on network camera options
  • Panoramic Dewarping: Yes, Supported fisheye models
  • Motorized Camera Support: Yes, Full motorized lens controls
  • IP Camera Image Controls: Yes, Full Support for Cortex® Medallion Network Cameras
  • Playback : Calendar, Smart search, Time warp screen shots , VCA Search
  • Backup : Local and remote backup with clip maker
  • Alarm IO: 16 Alarm In / 1 Alarm Out
  • Audio Out: RCA Audio output and HDMI output
  • PTZ Support: Yes, Encoded in IP stream
  • Ethernet : RJ-45 port (100/1000M) Gigabit
  • Remote View Setup: P2P with QR Scan Code and/or Port management
  • DDNS : Yes, Multiple options
  • Smart Phone and Tablet: iOS and Android using CortexView app
  • Email Notification: Yes, with snapshot
  • Cloud Backup: Dropbox Cloud image storage
  • Expansion: VMS / CMS Software for Windows® and MacOS®
  • Operating System : Embedded Linux, No PC or Licenses required
  • Storage : 8 SATA HDD, up to 8TB each plus E-Sata Connection
  • USB : 1 x 3.0 USB for backup / upgrade, 2 x 2.0 USB for mouse
  • ONVIF®: Yes
  • Dual Power
  • Power Supply: 120/220 VAC Plug
  • Dimension (W×D×H): 460 x 440 x 89mm (18.11 x 17.32 x 3.5 inches)

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