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Advanced analytics on Cortex Security IP cameras controlled via Medallion® NVRs

While basic IP models are popular because of the lower price points, most advanced IP cameras today are equipped with analytic detection features That dramatically increase notification capabilities. Cortex 5MP and 8MP Starlight IP cameras come equipped with 6 levels of analytic detection and alerts. These analytic functions can be activated independently from other motion detection recording, which can be a considerable advantage in reducing false positives and creating very specific regions...

What is 2D and 3D Dynamic Noise Reduction (DNR)?

Dynamic noise reduction is caused by gain amplification in security camera processing. Signal distortion, or "noise", is an unavoidable by-product of amplifiers in digital processing for cameras. Even when working at optimal level, digital amplifiers, whether used in audio or video applications, create some noise. This happens in both Analog CCTV cameras and digital SDI cameras / IP security cameras since all use some signal gain software in the digital signal processor...