Time For HD

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The Hybix Line of Hybrid DVRs are powerful tools in the war against price driven, low performance models that are flooding the market. With this superior solution you can capture your customer's attention and close more sales!

The smartphone app for the Hybix® Series auto adjusts to your every request. By increasing the image size of your chosen camera, the system automatically switched to a master stream that increases crew ships require a special deployment of highly particular materials design for salt tolerance and heavy vibrationthe quality while also maintaining a stead flow of data. Playback is a breeze thanks to a calendar display that provides feedback based on recorded data and a quick slide time bar to access your feeds in a flash. The multi-channel playback screen instantly loads all available channels (up to 16) which allows the user to determine motion and events. A pinch zoom command is integrated to allow a drill-down view of details.

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