Spring Break Season, Fun, Pranks and Chaos

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Spring Break Season, Fun, Pranks and Chaos

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Protecting your safety and property during spring break.

What do you think of when you think of Spring Break?" Many of us think of a bunch of 20 somethings using their spring break as an opportunity to take a vacation to someplace warm and sunny for a week of fun. More than 50 percent of college students head out to the beaches during this time of year. Some students go home to see friends and family, while others decide to stay around town for the local party scene. Many students decisions are based on their budget which limits their choice of location.

No matter the destinations, spring break is often used as a time to cut loose with others and possibly do some crazy things. Police call it "opportunistic crime " when unlocked cars , homes and hotel rooms are targets for people looking for any valuable objects. Be sure to lock up before setting out for you spring break adventure. If a party at your home happens to be considered a good idea, you may have to think again. Home parties are a popular way to enjoy fun times with friends.  without proper security camera deterrents during spring break some spring breakers may feel embolden to committ crime.Unfortunately, these types of parties can lead to unsuspecting complications such as property damage, vandalism and theft. Some of the most frequent crimes are committed during spring break. There have been many reported incidences where the homeowner has been sued due to allowing criminal activity to occur. If things get out of control, having visual security can help protect you by providing proof for any damages, theft, disturbing the peace or illegal activities.

Taking steps to be sure your property is secure can be made easy by installing an HD-SDI camera recording surveillance system. Strategically placing high definition bullet or dome cameras around the outside perimeter of your home will give you real time monitoring whenever you need it. If you want to capture a full recognition image, consider installing a prominent Varifocal SDI camera by your driveway or front gate. Installing a Fixed SDI camera by your front door can give you additional perspective images that can be very important when you need it. Adding indoor covert cameras to your system can help you observe any potential misdeeds that may also occur in your home. Once a full security system has been installed, you can enjoy 24 hour recording and monitoring that can be accessed anytime and anywhere through the internet through your PC, iPhone or android app. Give yourself peace of mind by being prepared for any criminal activity that may occur on your property.

Many crimes committed during spring break can involve alcohol use among college students of illegal age. It is a misdemeanor for a person under the age of 21 to have an alcoholic beverage in their possession on any street, highway, or public place. If a college student is convicted, they can face a fine and hours of community service. This may seem like it is no big deal, but a conviction for this crime can result in a one-year driver's license suspension. Even the most minor crimes can have long lasting consequences. Another important factor that is a major concern for spring breakers is protecting their social media. Any postings or images that are considered questionable or inappropriate can also affect their future. A mistake you make during spring break can follow you through the rest of your life. Having a good time on your break is important, but making responsible decisions and having trustworthy friends can help you have a fun and safe vacation.

Protecting your home and family is top priority when your at home or away. Contact CCTV Core today about our latest HD-SDI DVRs and cameras available to you. We here at CCTV Core have our "EYE" on surveillance and are ready to help with your security needs.

Thank you for visiting our website. Have a fun and safe Spring Break!



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