Protect Holiday Gift Giving

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Protect Holiday Gift Giving

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CCTV CORE "EYE on Surveillance" Consumer Report

Protecting your home from criminals at Christmas time

Now that Christmas season is upon us, this is the time when all the retailers are advertising "BIG." Many companies are offering huge sales to entice consumers to go spend hours of time and money shopping for those holiday deals! Many people like to avoid the holiday rush by making their gift purchases on line. According to statistics, over 89% of consumers shop on-line. Convenience and value is the key along with many retailers offering free shipping right to your home.

While shopping on-line has its benefits including secure credit card protection, consumers still need to be protected even after their packages have been delivered. Tracking orders online or notifying your neighbors about a delivery is a good idea,See what happens without proper security during Christmas Holiday season but what about the time spent when your packages are unattended. Whether you are at home or away, every minute counts when there may be unsuspecting onlookers who could be walking or driving by.

Every year, more and more packages are being stolen right in front of the consumer's homes. Unfortunately, this becomes increasingly worse during the holiday season. Majority of deliveries are made during the day when people are at work. During this time of year, thieves will drive through neighborhoods following delivery trucks that may contain products beneficial to them. Sadly, even more alarming is having to be watchful of other neighbors who are tempted to steal from your property. "How can you better prepare yourself for package theft?"

Imagine having the ability to conveniently remote view your home right at your fingertips. Installing an HD-SDI camera surveillance system can do just that! Placing high definition bullet or dome cameras around the outside perimeter of your home will give you real time monitoring whenever you need it. Want an even tighter image? Consider installing a face recognition camera by your front door or gate. These cameras are even capable of capturing a license plate image. Once you are fully connected, you can enjoy anytime, anywhere viewing access through the internet with your PC, iPhone or android app. Give yourself peace of mind by being one step ahead of theft before it arrives at your doorstep.

As a homeowner, you need to protect your home, property and family. Contact CCTV Core today with any questions regarding our products and services. We have our "EYE" on surveillance and are here to help you.

Thank you for taking the time to view our website.

From everyone here at CCTV Core, we would like to wish our customers Happy Holidays!!



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