• Premium Cortex Quality Junction box
  • Designed for Medallion Series cameras
  • Easy wire management containment area
  • Storage for adapters, baluns or bulky connectors
  • Keep rain, dust and dirt from cable connections
  • Can provide additional obstruction prevention
  • Threaded Mounting Holes
  • Alluminum Housing IP66 Waterproof
  • Fits Large Medallion IP Domes and Bullets
  • 1.25 inch Pipe Threaded Top Conduit
  • Designed for wall and ceiling mount btackets
  • Fits Large Medallion IP Domes and Bullets
  • 1 inch Pipe Threaded Conduit
  • Ceiling or wall mount

Back Box

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Made of high quality aluminum with a baked-on white finish, this electrical junction back-box is large enough to hold large cameras and heavy camera models. Designed specifically for Cortex Medallion series bullet cameras, domes cameras, and turret domes. This camera junction box can be used for many generic applications because of its multi-screw hole pattern system.

A rubber grommet seal is provided.

  • Cameras Large Domes and Bullet Cameras
  • Can be used for network cameras or HD cameras
  • Ceiling or Wall mount
  • Conduit Yes / G3/4 - 1 inch
  • Conduit holes on top and side
  • Includes plugs
  • Casing Aluminum Housing IP66 Waterproof
  • Dimensions 3.32 X 147mm (2.32 X 5.82 inches)
  • Standard conduit fittings for USA markets
  • Rubber seal
  • Corrosion resistant materials