Wireless vs Wired Security Cameras

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In the world of security, the worst things always happen when least expected. Imagine installing some easy to configure wireless cameras only to find that they had no power when a crime occurred. This is the reality of so many retail level security cameras that promise to make your life easy at the cost of undependable and unreliable security systems.

Running wires to your cameras may seem like a chore, but the one time exercise guarantees performance when you need it most.

Another aspect of CCTV installations that is often overlooked is the quality of the cables. Many price focused companies provide un-certified and unreliable cable that will deteriorate quickly in normal environments. Make sure to check for the copper content and wire diameter that can affect the long term stability of your system.

Digital CCTV vs Analog HD

Choosing between an Digital (IP or SDI) versus Analog (AHD, TVI) can be difficult. Remember that people who only sell one technology will always speak poorly of the items they don't carry.

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Rawlyn Rogers (Store Admin) August 18, 2017 10:21 AM reply
To help minimize video latency, users can increase the bandwidth by upgrading their network access point. Also, lowering the bit-rate of streaming and image resolution can help to reduce the video delay time.

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