What are the best 5MP cameras?

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Why 5MP cameras?

The new 5MP camera series from Cortex are revolutionary models that can be a perfect fit for many jobs and projects. The intelligent on-board technology supplied allows installers and end users to take full advantage of the latest technology in security cameras. Five megapixel camera models have seriously raised the bar for resolution but more importantly, have truly increased performance in extreme low light situations which is when most crimes occur. 5MP Camera Models for IP The improved compatibility with megapixel lenses and filters has allowed this new technology to take over for IP cameras and analog HD systems. Soon you will see 4MP camera models falling in price as consumers follow the fashionable increase in MPs. Five megapixel cameras can now be found throughout the market in network camera models and AHD / TVI product offers. The AHD 5MP cameras are coax based and can travel distances of over 1000 feet! TVI 5MP models are also rated for long distance runs over coax. Some of the key players in the component arena are Sony with Starvis Exmor CMOS sensors and many new chip makers from China that have drastically dropped pricing at an entry-level scale. Price fo AHD 5MP cameras and 5MP AHD DVRs are dropping daily. The image quality for most models using five megapixels generally looks excellent unless the manufacturer uses substandard components. Be careful to always inspect the cameras for solid metal housings while avoiding plastic main parts that will crack and fade in sunlight. Short distance IR systems are also to be avoided.
From a marketing perspective, the five megapixel designation makes a great impression when presenting to potential customers and is quickly becoming the best in class for IP cameras and AHD.
The new Medallion series has also increased durability from a housing perspective by adding anti-corrosive materials that can extend the life of the 5MP cameras in outdoor environments.
Popular choices and mounting hardware for 5MP camera models like back boxes and brackets are also important to consider and can increase the aesthetics of any project. The back boxes serve a dual purpose of helping with positioning of the camera as well as cable management and protection for connections.
What are the best five megapixel cameras?
Once you decide on your transmission technology of choice, you will have to decide on a specific features and key functions.
Some of the key technology trending in today's surveillance markets are:
1. Artificial intelligence for analytics
2. Super low light performance
3. Extremely low noise from light gain
4. Multilevel wide dynamic range
5. Resolution and detail on zoom
When shopping for five megapixel cameras there are some key points to take into consideration. Using a premium CMOS sensor is vital for color saturation, resolution and especially lowlight performance with very little noise. Advanced wide dynamic range hardware and software i'm bored the five megapixel cameras helps to balance the light and illuminate shadowing if the technology is present.

Versatility is important which brings is to model selection like:

1. Fixed wide angle len models

2. Motorized varifocal bullets and turret domes

3. Fisheye panoramic models in 5MP and beyond

Ultimately, requesting a demo of a live system from your technician is a great way to eliminate doubt and test drive your future surveillance system in the five megapixel world. If you select 5MP AHD / TVI cameras for analog coax style installations or 5MP IP cameras for Digital PoE installs, the benefits will be clear during any incident, which is when it matters the most!

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