Caribbean Cruise Security

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Sometimes, the largest commercial vessels need the most love, even as much as a large cruise ship! However, cruise ships require a special deployment of highly specialized materials design for salt tolerance and heavy vibration.

Cruise Ship UHD Security cameras

Cortex Global specializes in special finishes and components that are specifically designed for difficult environment. Many of the options include standard CCTV style video but can also be integrated with thermal or high-end solutions that allow for complete darkness viewing and can monitor a ship during its voyage. Overboard personnel detection or accident detection are real time artificial intelligence capabilities that can add to cruise ship safety.

Aside from high-security for tourist who expect the highest level of protection when at sea, cruise ship security and surveillance requires additional corrosive resistant properties that sometimes can be a challenge for many companies. Regardless of the alloys used in today's manufacturing process, rust and corrosion are still a threat and must be carefully dealt with to prevent a short life span while installed in ships.

Resolution like 4K UHD CCTV are now possible, maintaining all of the properties necessary for ocean dwelling vessels while staying within a budetary limit.

Thank you for taking the time to view our website. As a homeowner, give yourself piece of mind by protecting your home and family. We here at CCTV Core have our "EYE" on surveillance and are here to help you with your security system needs.


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