Advanced analytics on Cortex Security IP cameras controlled via Medallion® NVRs

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While basic IP models are popular because of the lower price points, most advanced IP cameras today are equipped with analytic detection features That dramatically increase notification capabilities. Cortex 5MP and 8MP Starlight IP cameras come equipped with 6 levels of analytic detection and alerts. These analytic functions can be activated independently from other motion detection recording, which can be a considerable advantage in reducing false positives and creating very specific regions for notification.
Cortex Security IP camera analytics
Cortex Security Analytics
The notifications and alerts can be specifically detailed and would follow the strict rules established within the analytic parameters. Multiple actions can be activated simultaneously. Notifications via email, apps, and NVR functionality can be programmed. On NVRs, users can request full screen popup or buzzer for instant notice. Color coded lines for perimeter and tracking can be viewed on live screens or remotely via apps. 
In many cases, the license-free analytic system is installed for advanced notification like directional line crossing, perimeter intrusion, face detection, pedestrian detection, unattended object, and missing object. On more expensive platforms, these features are licensed and require continuous maintenance.
Since the analytic functions are built into the IP cameras, individual cameras can also be deployed in areas where solar power or remote power is necessary. Many of the IP camera models are available with incorporated edge recording functions on SD cards with their own individual schedule for recording and motion detection.
Moses Faroy from Cortex Security outlined some specific applications for analytic detection, including HOAs and government buildings that have deployed Cortex analytics with great success. Faroy explained that the most important feature of the analytics is the fact that they are independent and can be scheduled and tailored for very narrow requirements. “Reducing false alarms has always been an issue in the surveillance industry. With Cortex analytics, it’s easy to create custom-tailored alerts that are tight and specific,” Faroy said. Video surveillance doesn’t have to be about recording video alone. Users can take full benefit of smart AI and get more bang for their buck!
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