4k Hybrid DVRs from Cortex Security

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Cortex security continually finds new ways to improve on their unique line of CCTV and access control systems. In 2018, Cortex introduced the Medallion series of hybrid DVRs and PoE NVRs that are a perfect compliment to the new 5 and 8 megapixel 4 in 1 coax cameras and 2k / 4k IP cameras joining the line.

Medallion Hybrid 4K DVR
4K UHD DVR for coax HD camera and IP PLUS channels

Installers enjoy complete interchangeable models that share the Cortex View apps for IOS and Android mobile devices plus a device management software suite. As more commercial CCTV projects face the threat of improperly deployed retail level surveillance cameras, it is reassuring to find a line of affordable, professional security cameras that can be offered. Along with ease of use and a user-friendly layout, the Medallion Digital video recorders can be configured with legacy analog cameras while providing future proof video inputs up to 4k UHD on Coax and IP channels.

The Cortex Medallion Series has built-in Analog HD signal tuning that enables installers greater fine-tuning for multi-format mixes and cable distance balance. A complete suite of analytics is also accessible from the DVR and NVR interface when integrated with Medallion IP cameras.

The Medallion DVR series can accept signals on coax from AHD, TVI, CVI, and analog plus IP cameras via network connections. Full networkability can be achieved by mixing existing legacy cameras with new HD camera models.

Combined with powerful multi-function HD cameras, the Cortex Hybrid DVRs are well suited for commercial and industrial applications and provide contractors with quality control from our USA based testing centers in Miami, Tampa Florida and Phoenix Arizona. Miami CCTV installers are taking full advantage of these affortabily priced systems that allow them to bring 5MP and 8MP cameras to their everyday customer.

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