Setting up the MAX-IP280 Camera

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Up-And-Running! Setting up the MAX-IP280 Camera

1. Make sure you have all the parts that come with the package. Refer to figure 1, at left. Power supply (adapter), bracket, camera, and two CDs, the mini CD is a setup/installation CD and the large CD contains CMS software.

2. Connect the power adapter to your power strip or wall outlet. Connect the camera to the adapter output.

3. Connect your LAN cable to the RJ45 style connector on the camera. If you network is operating you should see the two LEDs on the connector flash briefly. These LEDs indicate a link and activity and can be used for basic troubleshooting if necessary.

4. Refer to figure 3, provided to indicate my network topology. Your network is probably different. If you encounter a problem connecting to your camera, try simplifying your network connection as shown until you figure out what is wrong.

5. Take the mini-disc and install the software on it - there are 3 files.

  • (a) SuperIPCam (executable file)
  • (b) IPCamera (executable file)
  • (c) QIP Documentation (a word doc.)

6. Double-click SuperIPCam and install the software.

7. Copy IP Camera to your computer (I put it on the desktop).

8. Double-click IP Camera. Refer to the figure at right, IP CAMERA OPENING SCREEN.

9. Click SEARCH. (figure 5).

The software queries the network and determines some basic IP addresses. See the following figure.

10. Click AUTOSETUP (figure 6).

The software searches for your camera. If successful, you'll see IP numbers appear (figure 7). Note the content of the red box, where the IP number of your camera appears in the IP field at the top.

11. Before we go further, please select a user name and password and place them in the AUTHORIZATION field in the appropriate boxes.

Now write down your user name, your password, and the IP address (in the IP field in the red box area).

12. Click SAVE (at bottom right corner).

13. Really. WRITE DOWN your password, user name, and IP. Make sure it is accurate.

14. Select the camera by clicking on the address shown in the "ipcam" field (the green box in figure 7), then click PREVIEW (in the purple box).

15. The software starts browser. First it asks your user name and password. Enter that information, click through the screen, and you will see something similar to figure 8 (IP CAMERA PREVIEW IN BROWSER).

If you are not getting a picture at this point repeat the procedure and take note of your IP addresses, user name and password. Try powering off the camera, then powering it back up. Check your LAN cable. Power down your computer and power it back up. If all of this fails, contact our technical support group.

In step 6, above, you installed the Super Client software (CMS software). The default location is c:/program files/IP Camera Super-Client. Locate it now using your file manager or explorer.

Double click "IP Camera Super Client". The following screen appears.

Click the button indicated by the red arrow (SET CURRENT DEVICE button). In the CONNECT DEVICE SCREEN that appears, you must put your cameras IP number in the IP/DOMAIN field, and your user name and password in the appropriate fields. Leave the other fields alone for now (the default information should be correct).

Click OK after you have entered the required information.

Now click the button indicated by red arrow 2, the CONNECT CURRENT DEVICE button. Streaming video from your IP camera appears in the default window location on your screen.

The Super Client software has many features. It is beyond the scope of this page to discuss this software further. For more information, refer to the DOC file that came with the camera or learn by doing. If you are familiar with security DVRs and surveillance camera software, most of the features, if not all, will be self evident.

Additional Software and More - the 2nd CD

If you have the second CD (which is supplied when you purchase this product), take a moment to review its contents. It will contain some of the same software on the mini-disc as well as some additional files.

  • The MAX-280 manual (PDF) containing more information about the Super Client software.
  • A setup guide - MAX IP280 Quick Guide (PDF) containing much of the information presented on this page. This PDF also explains how to view your camera from an external internet location (the procedure presented here covers local access only, to verify the operation of your camera).
  • IP Camera Search program (also on the mini-disc, and installed if you followed the procedure on this page).
  • Super IPCam CMS client (also on the mini-disc, and now installed if you followed this procedure on this page).

OMG I lost the disk or don't have it!

What about Remote Viewing?

For a remote viewing setup procedure (letting you view your camera from locations outside of your local network where the camera resides), click here.