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Sales | Tech Support | 830am - 530pm EST (888) 573-2333

Upgrade to the Medallion® Network Cameras | The New Face of IP

Analytics on board, the Medallion® Series has the SD advantage on these select network security cameras. This series has a large selection of wide angle or motorized zooms, 4K 8mp 4mp 2mp and infrared options. Medallion domes, turret and bullets have all metal housings, Starlight components and DragonFire® IR illuminators options on select models. These features plus many others will give your customers the edge when selling these surveillance network security cameras.

Cortex has unveiled it’s latest offering in professional video surveillance solutions with their new 4K CCTV IP Medallion security cameras
  • Premium Starlight Components / Technology
  • Network: Cortex VMS, Cortex CMS
  • Cortex Camera Advanced GUI1/
  • 4K in and 4K out and Intelligent Analytics gives your customers the surveillance edge
  • Dual power POE or 12 VDC is standard on most models in this series
  • DragonFire® IR illuminators on some models allows pitch black recording

Providing unique technology and support to our partners is our main focus. Our knowledgeable team members are trained on popular solutions that fit many requirements.

These quality Cameras are designed for our new line of Medallion IP Network Recorders.

Wholesale CCTV Hybrid security cameras with multi-format 4 in 1 features products offered with CCTVCORE's surviellance system reliabilty and quality a priority.

WIFI (Wireless)

Six basic CCTV security camera technologies exist in todays CCTV surveillance markets.

  • 960H (Analog)
  • IP (Network)
  • HD-SDI (High Definition Serial Digital Interface)
  • AHD (Analog High Definition)
  • HD-CVI (High Definition Composite Video Interface)
  • HD-TVI (High Definition Transport Video Interface)

As wth any technology there are advantages and disadvantages for each.
Read to explore the pros and cons on any particular security camera technology.

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