• Video sensor: :
    • Front 1080P CMOS Sensor
    • Rear 720P CMOS Sensor
  • Camera view angle:
    • Front - 120°
    • Rear - 130°
  • Recording Frame:
    • Front 1920x1080 Max.fps as 25/25Fps (NTSC/PAL)
    • Rear 1280x720 Max. Fps as 15/15fps (NTSC/PAL)
  • Voltage:
    • Require 5V±5% /1amp Cigarette lighter adapter. Start voltage as 4.7v above.
    • Built-in1.5Fsupercapacity as backup power for file storage.
  • Storage format:
    • Specific format for software player.
    • H.264 compression
  • G-Sensor: Internal 3D G-Sensor
  • Microphone:Build-in high sensitivity of single microphone for automatic voice adjustment
  • Time setting: GPS auto adjustment use built in calendar clock if no GPS signal.
  • Operating Temperture: -15°~+65°
  • Storage device:Recommend using Class 10 above micro-SDHC Card (8G above) MAX TO 128GB.
  • Output/input device:
    • VIDEO OUT: TV-Out (1 Vp-p composite video output, 75 ohms)
    • Video Output format: NTSC / PAL alternative.
    • Force Record Button: For emergency recording. Gleams in night time.
    • Red light: Recording indicator. In emergency recording, it flashes more frequently.
    • Green light: GPS connecting light (Flashing light means that 3D positioning is not ready, bright means that 3D already positioning).
    • Blue light: WiFi connection light (flash light means WiFi do not connect, bright means success connect with WiFi.
    • EXT: extra GPS Mouse external jack. Note: under night mode,the infrared ray is on and the indicator light is dimmed.

1080p, 2 Camera, 960H, Portable

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