This infrared equipped outdoor dome camera has an impact resistant dome and a tough aluminum alloy one-piece base. A varifocal lens coupled with a high resolution video sensor work together to provide a crisp, sharp image at 480 TV lines. "IR mode" is automatic and turns on when the light level drops below a set threshold the user can adjust. Infrared haze or "glare" is eliminated thanks to advanced construction, careful design and materials used for the optically clear dome. A mechanical IR filter and aspherical lens work together to eliminate IR focus shift.

Mechanical IR Filter

When a camera switches between normal mode and IR mode the wavelength of light reaching the camera optics changes. This wavelength alteration causes a phenomenon known as "focus shift" and manifests itself as a slightly out-of-focus image. By employing a mechanical IR filter focus shift is corrected.

960H, Dome, Fixed Lens, Infrared, Outdoor

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