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4 Channel 4-Way Hybrid  960H | SDI | AHD | TVI DVR
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Cortex Item #: COR-HYBIX4 -

(1080P SDI / 720P SDI / AHD 1080 / AHD 720 / 960H / ANALOG)Designed for expandability the Hybix bridges the gap between older legacy technology and the next generation of full resolution surveillance video recording. This 6-way Hybrid DVR is past, present and future-ready with the capability to do CIF, D1, 960H, AHD720, AHD1080,SDI720 and SDI1080 on individual smart auto sensing inputs. Robust CMS software can integrate up-to 256 cameras with multi-monitor CMS instances. Full feature front...

16 Channel MAX PLEX DVR Series 5 Way Auto-Sensing Hybrid DVR/NVR   Hybrid MAX PLEX DVR, sixteen channel DVR, MAX PLEX CMS, SuperLive Plus smartphone app, AHD Surveillance DVR, Surveillance DVR, TVI DVR, CVI DVR, IP and HD analog, Mixed DVR, AHD and TVI DVR, Coax and IP, compatible with Cortex IP cameras
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MAX Item #: MAX-PLEX16HF -

The PLEX16HF is a MAX PLEX DVR Series unit with ability to connect analog HD (AHD/TVI/CVI) and IP cameras simultaneously It adopts the efficient H.264 high profile compression format and the most advanced SOC technique to ensure real time recording on each channel and realize outstanding sharp video surveillance recording. Bridge the Gap Designed for flexibility, the Plex16HF bridges the gap between older legacy technology and the next generation technology of full resolution surveillance...

Wholesale CCTV 4 in One DVRs Security DVR's products with CCTVCORE's surviellance system reliabilty and quality a priority on all Cortex, Max, Legacy 4 in One security dvr recorders.

4 in One Security DVRs

Six basic CCTV security DVR technologies exist in todays CCTV surveillance markets.

  • 960H (Analog)
  • IP (Network)
  • HD-SDI (High Definition Serial Digital Interface)
  • AHD (Analog High Definition)
  • HD-CVI (High Definition Composite Video Interface)
  • HD-TVI (High Definition Transport Video Interface)

As of any technology there are advantages and disadvantages for each.
Read to explore the pros and cons on any particular security dvr technology.

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