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Korean CCTV

Korean Distribution

In Korea the security camera market is exploding with new technologies and automation like all CCTV markets worldwide. With many manufactures located on the peninsula, these manufacturers supplied the Korean CCTV Industry but recently has seen a massive influx of products from China just like the rest of the world. So the question is having local manufactures that produce products to be consumed within the country, why go outside to save a few bucks? The answer is simple, it’s the same answer for every other country around the world.south korea map with flag symbol Is the conservative consumer is powering todays CCTV asian markets for price alone? Many new products emerge from Korea as well as China with astonishing quality.

A quick observation to be made is how most companies that focus on saving a few dollars on the products they provide to the end-user market are usually companies that don’t grow very quickly or very big. So why is that? Is it a lack of focus on marketing and the salesmanship? We believe that distraction and lack of focus is the number one killer of any business. When a reseller focuses on providing a product of a specific quality level they must always be weary of the pitfalls that involve saving money on the solutions provided. The distributors in the Korean CCTV market have seen a massive change due to an influx of the imported products. Much like Japan, Korea Now depends on imports from China. What can local manufactures do within the Korean market to make the product more appealing? A heavy focus on specific solutions and software-based features I can lead the Korean CCTV market to grow once again. By focusing on specific solutions that are difficult to achieve in China, Korean companies can separate themselves from a price war or a financially geared market. To learn more about the CCTV industry in Korea please request information from one of our sales groups.