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"Halloween Tricks to Being Safe"

CCTV CORE "EYE on Surveillance" Consumer Report

Protecting your home from vandalism during the Halloween Holiday

With Halloween being around the corner, everyone is busy planning a special time for decorating, pumpkin carving, dressing up in costumes and enjoying all those Halloween treats! Planning a special event for your family can be challenging. Some people may choose to throw a party orattend one, while others decide to take their kids out for trick or treating. Of course, along with all the fun activities comes a variety of safety issues and concerns. With a little extra preparation, everyone can have a fun and safe Halloween.

While parents are busy dealing with the evening festivities, neighborhood crimes could be occurring that could jeopardize the safety and security of your family. If you are away from your home, you should be sure to lock your doors and windows. Leaving lights on inside and outside of your home might make criminals think twice if they think someone may be at home. Halloween is also a time for concern how a "trick" could seriously affect you. "Worried about your new car being targeted?"

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Whatever your plans are this Halloween, be safe and have fun.




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