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to CCTV Core Security

CORE is a global leader in CCTV and security technologies. Established in 1998, CORE’s success has been driven primarily by a strong focus on quality control and investment in research and development. Our dedication to these facets of product development has led CORE to incorporate an industry leading "Six Step QC " system unparalleled in security product distribution.

In a field that is continually evolving, our passion for security technology and R & D is clearly evident. CORE CCTV and security products offer a variety of unique features that provide optimal value while maximizing our clients ability to turn quotes into invoices. The result has allowed CORE to propel its customers to a higher level of competitiveness and proven profitability.

With our extensive; mature product range and up front pricing with no games or gimmicks, CORE enables clients to meet their needs regardless of budgetary concerns. Our brand is a promise and our commitment to you.

Contact one of our industry experts now and ask for a demonstration to discover a new world of clarity.