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CORE Analog 960H Bullet Cameras:

Your Profit is our Focus
CCTVCO professional products

Outdoor color with Nextchip™ chipset and OSD menu


Compact Super Bullet

Nextchip™ chipset | Weatherproof Anti-Vandal

  • On-screen display menu
  • 2.8-12mm varifocal lens
  • External lens adjustment
  • PrePro, high voltage tolerance, more.
High speed outdoor PTZ dome with long or short ceiling pendant and superior zoom


Vandal Resistant IR Bullet

60 infrared LEDS | Color 1/3" Sony™ CCD sensor

  • Rated at 700+ TV lines
  • Color 1/3" Sony™ CCD sensor
  • Internal radiant infrared
  • Highlight masking, intelligent backlight compensation, full OSD menu
wide angle cctv security camera


High Res. W/Angle Bullet

Weatherproof | 1/3-inch CCD video sensor and fisheye lens

  • 600-TV line resolution
  • 170° wide angle lens
  • All metal construction
  • Metal bracket
Outdoor Mini Bullet Camera with IR


Outdoor Mini IR Bullet

26 infrared LEDs | Mechanical IR filter

  • High resolution 600+ TV lines
  • 3.6mm precision glass lens
  • All metal case
  • Mechanical IR filter
  • Small size, fits anywhere
outdoor color cctv with varifocal lens COR-598V


Varifocal Bullet

3.5-8mm varifocal lens | Auto-Iris

  • 420-lines resolution
  • Auto-iris
  • I3.5-8mm varifocal lens
  • 60' infrared range
outdoor security camera with slow shutter, wide dynamic range and very high resolution


High Res. Varifocal Bullet

600+ tv lines | Sony 1/3" color HAD CCD video sensor (ICX638)

  • 600+ tv lines resolution
  • Wide dynamic range
  • Digital slow shutter speed
  • Sens-up
  • On-screen display (OSD) menu
Wide Dynamic Range, Highlight Masking, True Day/Night


Wide Dynamic Range Bullet

600+ TV-lines | 1/3" color CCD video sensor

  • Rated at 600+ TV-lines or greater
  • Internal radiant infrared
  • True day/night, WDR, OSD, AGC, DNR
  • PrePro reset option
  • Over-voltage tolerant
Outdoor color camera  with a 1/3" CCD video sensor, 36 IR LEDs and 4.3mm fixed focus lens.


Infrared Bullet

36 IR LEDs | 420-lines resolution

  • 420-lines resolution
  • 4.3mm fixed focus lens
  • 60' infrared range
Hardened outdoor CCTV with high resolution video sensor and high-intensity, long range LEDs.COR-599HT


Outdoor IR Bullet

Dragonfire infrared | 1/3" Sony© SUPER HAD II CCD

  • SuperHigh resolution 750-lines
  • 1/3" Sony© SUPER HAD II CCD
  • 1/3" MEGAPIXEL 4.3mm lens
  • OSD Menu
  • 80' infrared range
Outdoor CCTV with easy access to varifocal lens and osd controls


Super High Res. Bullet

1000-Line | Sony™ SUPER HAD II CCD sensor

  • Rated at 1000 TV lines
  • Sony™ SUPER HAD II CCD sensor
  • Varifocal lens, mechanical IR filter
  • External adjustable lens controls
  • Easy access to user controls
700-Line Camera with Sony™ and Long Range Infrared


Long Range IR Bullet

700-Line Camera | Color 1/3" Sony™ CCD sensor

  • Rated at 700+ TV lines
  • Color 1/3" Sony™ CCD sensor
  • Varifocal lens with auto-iris
  • Drop-down installer's port
  • All metal, anti-vandal construction
outdoor long range cctv camera with infrared


Long Range IR Bullet

Mechanical IR Filter| Auto-iris - Varifocal Lens:

  • High resolution 540-lines
  • Auto-iris
  • 5-50mm varifocal lens
Crystal clear 700-TV line video with Effio video processing makes this license plate identification camera perfect in many settings


Super High Res. Bullet

700-TV line video | Effio video processing

  • 700+ TV line resolution
  • 5-50mm varifocal lens
  • Auto-iris, OSD, AES, AGC
  • IR power/threshold adjustment
Outdoor CCTV with easy access to varifocal lens and osd controls


Thermal Imaging Bullet:

Dual Video | Sony™ SUPER HAD II CCD sensor

  • Uncooled Micro Bolometer
  • Sony™ SUPER HAD II CCD sensor
  • 700-TV lines or greater
  • NETD of 50mK
  • Drop-down installer hatch
Economical indoor color CCTV camera  with 1/4CCD video sensor and internal infrared subsystem.


Indoor IR Bullet

420-line resolution | 1/4" CCD video sensor

  • 420-line resolution
  • Metal bracket included
Economical indoor IP camera  with 1/4 CCD video sensor,  night vision, and a 6mm lens


Indoor IP Bullet w/IR

Built-in infrared | 1/4" CCD video sensor

  • 420-line resolution
  • Built-in infrared
  • Administrator/User accounts
outdoor IP camera  COR-MAXIP285


Outdoor IP Bullet

Weatherproof | 1/4" CCD or CMOS image sensor

  • Color video, VGA resolution
  • MJPEG compression
  • Password protection