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VGA Video Signal Convertor

Converts composite signals from CCTV cameras (traditional analog style CCTV, not IP cameras) into a VGA compatible signal that can be viewed on a computer style VGA monitor.

Supports NTSC M/N, PAL M/N and NTSC and PAL signal formats. Compact size, plug and play design. On screen display. Brightness, contrast, color and NTSC tint control. NTSC resolution 640x480, PAL resolution 768x576.

  • Compact size
  • Professional solution
  • Metal case designed for permanent installation - not a toy
  • Simple installation - connect monitor to VGA connector, connect security camera output to video input (BNC connector), connect power to STI-VGAC.
  • No software required.
  • On screen display function to adjust brightness, contrast, color, NTSC tint control
  • Resolution: NTSC: 640x480; PAL 768x576
  • Power: 5VDC (included).
  • Please contact us for a specification sheet that covers this product.