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Active Audio/Video Balun Receiver

This receiver gets audio and video signals from twisted pair (CAT 5 style) cable and outputs an amplified signal to a pair of BNC connectors.

  • Receives video/audio signals on twisted pair and amplifies them for output to monitors and a speaker.
  • Integrated pass through for alarm and PTZ controller
  • Interference filtering and transient signal protection
  • Ground connector provided
  • LED power ON indicator
  • Adjustable gain
  • Maximum distance: 2400 meters b/w signal, 1500 meters color (1.49 miles /.93 miles respectively)
  • For additional distance you can pair this item with an active receiver.
  • Power: 24VAC/12VDC (12VDC transformer included)
  • Compact size, can be screwed down (hardware included)
  • Manual included.
  • Please contact us for a specification sheet that covers this product.