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PTZ Camera Keyboard Controller with 3-Axis Joystick

This controller uses a 3-axis joystick and a keyboard (with LCD display) to select and control pan/tilt of a single camera in an array of up to 32 speed dome cameras. During manual operations fast/slow pan and tilt speed is controlled by the angle of the the joystick in the users' hand. The keyboard is used to select a camera and to set the zoom, focus, and iris of the camera under control, and has other functions such as calling/setting preset positions and accessing specific camera functions.

  • Joystick display LCD
  • Four baud rates (selectable): 2400Bps, 4800Bps, 9600Bps,19,200Bps
  • Easily accessible backpanel switches for setting camera protocols:
    •  Pelco-D
    • Pelco-P (4800Bps or 9600Bps)
    • YAAN
    • SAE
  • Communication between camera and controller: One point to multi-points, Half duplex
  • Communication RS485
  • Communication Distance 1.2km
  • Transmission Distance 1200m
  • Control Camera Quanity 128
  • Dimension 220 x 130 x 10 (mm)8.6? x 5.11? x .39?(inches)
  • Weight:.7(kg) 1.6(lbs)
  • Power: DC12V+10% /50hz 500mA

Download a Specification Sheet by clicking the link below.