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Basic Proximity Card Reader with LED

This indoor proximity card reader works great and has an LED to indicate positive card read, and a buzzer. Great for interior doors and areas where access must be monitored or controlled. 

Best when used with our controller, model  COR-ACC1000

  • Silver grey finish
  • LED feedback
  • Acoustic feedback (buzzer)
  • Anti-pass back: multi-door when used with COR-ACC1000
  • Remote operation supported when used with COR-ACC1000
  • Wiegand port: 1 (WG26, WG34)
  • Request to exit supported
  • Reader range 8cm (3.5 inches)
  • DI inputs: egress button, door contact, arming switch
  • Made of ABS plastic
  • Temperature/humidity: -10 C - 50 C (14 F - 122 F) @ 0-90% relative humidity non-condensing