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CORE Exit Devices:

Home and Business Security Solutions
CCTVCO professional products
Touchless IR Sensor COR-ACC420IR


Touchless IR Sensor

Sealed sensor and emitter pair | Indoor/outdoor

  • Indoor/outdoor
  • Requires 12VDC
  • Requires 12VDC
  • work off reflected IR light to detect proximity of a hand or finger.
 Red Illuminated Push-to-Exit Box Button COR-ACC405IL


Green Illuminated Push-to-Exit Device

Designed for wall mount | Replaceable lamp

  • Incandescent replaceable lamp
  • Switch movement rated at 1 million cycles
electric dead bolt lock COR-ACC410IL


Red Illuminated Push-to-Exit Box Device

Box style mount | Rated at 1M cycles or more

  • Red lamp
  • Large, easy to strike button
  • Rated at 1M cycles or more
bi-color LED push to exit button COR-ACC460IL


Slim Bi-Color Push-to-Exit Device

Ultra-slim design | red/blue to indicate door status.

  • Ultra-slim design
  • Intended for wall surface installation
  • Built-in over current protection
  • Built-in over current protection
  • Uses a ring-shaped bi-color LED that lights up in
red illuminated push to exit button COR-ACC400IL


Red Push-to-Exit Device

Large red button | Durable stainless steel plate

  • Illuminated with an internal bulb
  • 1M cycles min. rated switch life
  • Single pole NO/NC momentary contact switch
  • , easy to see, easy to push.
microwave motion sensor COR-ACC400


Microwave Motion Sensor

Microwave Motion Sensor | Adjustable sensitivity

  • 24.125 GHz Frequency
  • for camera and DVR activation
  • Dual voltage 13-30 VAC / 12-36 VDC
wireless relay kit access control door keyless entry


Wireless Relay Kit

Open 2 doors with 1 remote | N/O or N/C relay

  • Wireless Relay Kit access
  • control door keyless entry
  • Comes with 1 relay, 2 remotes and 1 antenna